Образовна авантура Завичајног Музеја Књажевац

Accommodation facilities in and around Knjazevac

Knjaževac and its surroundings offer excellent conditions for spending time in nature and development of various forms of tourism. An important prerequisite for the development of tourism are its accommodation facilities as well.

In the town and villages around there are a number of private inns, guesthouses, lodgings and rural households. Each object is specific in its own way and what they all have in common are warm welcome and hospitality. The accommodation facilities in the town are: lodgings Mali predah, Milošev Konak, Timok.

At Babin zub at 1578m above the sea level there are the mountain lodge and Hotel Babin zub only 300 m from ski slopes. In a somewhat lesser altitude, on Jabučko ravnište, there is a newly built Stara planina Hotel, ****.

In the municipality of Knjaževac there are about twenty categorized rural tourist households and several that are in the process of categorization. A number of households is concentrated in the foothills of Babin zub.

In the village Kalna, at the entrance to Stara Planina, there is a rural tourist household of the highest category - Villa Bogdanovic ****. A few kilometers up towards the village of Babin zub in the village of Inovo there is an ethno village called Srna, a complex that includes a courtyard furnished with a swimming pool and accommodation facilities.

One of first categorised is the rural tourist household of Vida Pešić in the village Vrtovac. Vila Babin zub is located in the village of Balta Berilovac, surrounded by meadows, orchards, a house opposite the stream flows, an ideal place to rest and holiday in the mountains.

The village Crni Vrh which is closest to the ski resort Babin zub has the largest number of categorized rural tourist households.

5-8km away from the ski slopes are the lodges of Ždrma and Mezdreja.

Alternative accommodation facilities in and around Knjaževac, primarily designed for children, students and youth represent an especially interesting offer, such as:

- Students’ Dormitry during the holidays has the capacity to house and feed 80 guests;

- Archaeo-Ethno-Park in Ravna with the capacity to house and feed up to 30 people, mainly used for the realization of students' practice, accommodation of researchers in various fields, realization of painting workshops and summer schools for young people;

- The School in Debelica is a new accommodation facility with the capacity of 15 beds, four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a smaller living room and a spacious courtyard; it is located 2 km away from the Archaeological-Ethno Park Ravna and can be used independently from the Park or in relation to it;

In the valley and foothills of Timok at the foot of Tupižnica there are: Torlaci-ethno village in the village Jakovac with 30 beds, and in the village Vlaško polje-rural tourist household Farma Koliba (Farm Cottages) with additional contentс; it can be used as an experimental farm in consultation with the owner who is always willing to cooperate.

For more information, please go to: http://www.toknjazevac.org.rs/index.php/smestaj