Educational Adventure of the Homeland Museum of Knjazevac

The Adventure Song

We invite the young and old!
Money, please, do not hold.
We will be pleased beyond measure
To show you the Torlak treasure.

It goes without saying,
Are Serbian, without omissions,
We will bustle on our way.
You, there! You over there!
We are here for you zbramo.

We take a trip all the way to knowledge,
Through playing and laughing.

Through sumaci and vrbaci
With the Stara Planina mountain, down the valley Timocka
Do you worry and sadness pass ...

To see what our ancestors
Wesley, weaving and dancing,
Sweet eating and drinking with Merak,

Which way are picking medicinal travće
What are their cup with Ruce Napraj to know.

Timoci addition, a number of golden streams,
In the fort to find treasure
That with the mountain highlanders who snajdemo.

In skamije to be students,
To live a real co Budžaci.
To learn from the old crafts.
To us the price and the garden and mother!

All we know you will give!
To preserve what we have!

So who likes, let him go ahead!

Tatjana Aleksić